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> MLTR (Multiple Long Term Relationships), fantastic game
сообщение 6.7.2009, 7:43
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Очень активный

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As a matter of definition, the term MLTR (which was originated by Svengali on the old USENet version of ASF) stands for Multiple Long Term Relationships, and it refers to a situation where you have several women as LTR's and each of them KNOWS you are seeing other women.

They are OK with it either because the situation caters to some vicarious bisexuality on the part of the women, or because they see you as enough of a prize that they are willing to go along with the arrangement just to be with you.

Personally, I believe that women who most easily go along with this arrangement tend to have self-esteem problems or they want to sleep around a lot themselves---or they are attracted to the idea of being part of a polyamorous relationship where they will be sleeping not only with you but with the other women.

If you have a girlfriend and secretly see other girls on the side, no special acronyms are needed for that. That is something many, many guys have been doing since time immemorial. Regardless of the ethics of lying to one's partner, it isn't an uncommon occurrence so there is no need to describe it with special terminology like "MLTR".

An arrangement where the women DO know about each other and still go along with it IS unusual, and that is why it was given a special term known as MLTR.

Since the term MLTR was originated, it has gained a certain status because it implies that the guy is so extraordinary that he can keep several women interested in him, even in spite of them knowing about each other.

For this reason, everyone has been wanting to use the term MLTR even to describe the more common situation where you have a girlfriend but secretly see other girls on the side.

As a result of misuse, the term has ultimately been broadened, but only slightly---to include a situation where *some* women know about the others, and some don't. In that situation, only those girls who know about the others should be referred to as "MLTR's".

Why? Because if you have multiple LTR's then any LTR girl who doesn't know about the others is perceiving herself as an LTR not as an MLTR. In other words, for a woman to be an MLTR (rather than an LTR who is getting "cheated" on) she has to see herself as an MLTR--it can't be a classification that exists only in the guy's mind. If would be just as meaningless for a guy to classify a female stranger as his "girlfriend" or his "wife" even though she doesn't see herself as such.

MLTR2 is an enhanced form of MLTR where the goal is to accumulate one or more MLTRs where the chicks are openly bisexual (at least to you), so that they help with the work of finding more chicks for you. Idea for this was picked up from Rick H at a seminar. Rick has come to believe that all women are inherently bisexual and that most women make better pickup artists than some of the best pickup artists. The goal is to wield that “skill” to your benefit by both optimizing your pickup success and increasing your chances of getting into 3Ps (threesomes, manage a trios).

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